Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lost and Found in the Fringe, September 2008

"Lost and Found in the Mission" got into the San Francisco Fringe Festival. The revival/remounted production comes to the Exit on Taylor theater this September, 2008. Exact details to come. The Fringe roster is decided by lottery with hundreds of entries vying for a few coveted slots. We were picked 14th out of 15. Going forward we face the loss of two of our performers, Robert Kellerman, pictured here down front, and Flo Nakamura, whose elbow can be seen growing out of the back of Carole Landes (far left). We are so grateful for their contributions to the original production and will miss their creative spirits dearly. But...the show goes on with (left to right) Carole, Joan D. Saunders, Peter Griggs, Jocelyn Truitt, Rowena Richie, and Susie Hara, co-artistic director of Boathouse & Co. Performance (not pictured). Besides being a great way to take in a lot of shows in two-weeks' time, the Fringe is a friendly competition. Audience members can vote for your show as "best of fringe," which makes your show really popular. So, we hope to see you there and to wow you. Stay tuned.