Thursday, March 22, 2007

Post-it Post

Last night in rehearsal we played a game of "pass the post-it." Post-its are one of my favorite categories of handwritten found artifacts. Susie--pictured* above in purple top and red pants, tries to convince Rowena--pictured opposite in red top and purple pants to: "BRING ME BACK TO WAREHOUSE," which is exactly what one of our found post-its states. My current favorite reads: "Success at last," followed by an illegible scribble, as if the writer drifted off--or worse? Perhaps this is the suicide note that Lois has been looking for all along...
Stay tuned.
*Photo by Borys Procak.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Song of Lost and Found

(Left to right) Joan D. Saunders, Rowena Richie, Susie Hara, Flo Nakamura, Carole Landes, Robert Kellerman, Miquela Sierra, Jocelyn Truitt, and Peter Griggs rehearse The Song of Lost and Found. We're already finding our way . . . as we begin exploring the songs, dance, and characters of Lost and Found, we're finding new insights into the material. --Susie

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Boathouse & Co. Performance is Underway

Well, we did it! We cast our lines and "hooked" seven dynamic performers from different pools for our show "Lost and Found in the Mission." Introducing our cast (From left to right in photo): Miquela Sierra, Joan D. Saunders, Flo Nakamura, Robert Kellerman, Peter Griggs, Jocelyn Truitt, and Carole Landes, with directors Susie and Rowena seated on the floor in the foreground. For our first rehearsal we set our intentions and our sails in motion. Already there are beautiful sounds coming from the ensemble, who got right down to work on "The Song of Lost and Found," a song Rowena wrote. Hearing it for the first time "live" the way she'd been imagining it was an amazing gift for Rowena. After rehearsal Susie, Borys (our indispensable Production Manager, Publicist, and Photographer), and Rowena concluded we were already smitten with our gang. Looking forward to making this a remarkable experience for all, including our audience. Please stay tuned. Bon Voyage! --Boathouse